Advisory Committee

Chinese Geoscience UnionPresident Yue-Gau Chen
Committee Memebers
The Space Science Society of the R.O.C.President Yen-Hsyang Chu
Chinese Taipei Geophysical SocietyPresident Yi-Heng Li
Geological Society Located in TaipeiPresident Wen-Shan Chen
Meteorological Society of the R.O.C.President Pay-Liam Lin
Oceanographic Society of the R.O.C.President Sen Jan
Geodetic Society of the R.O.C.President Chung-Yen Kuo
Department of Earth Sciences, National Taiwan Normal UniversityChairman Chung-Chieh Wang

Preparatory Committee

Chinese Geoscience Union

Secretary general Ya-Hsuan Liou

Committee Memebers
The Space Science Society of the R.O.C.

Secretary general Ching-Lun Su

Chinese Taipei Geophysical Society

Secretary general Yin-Tung Yen

Geological Society Located in Taipei

Secretary general I-Chin Yen

Meteorological Society of the R.O.C.

Secretary general Chian-Yi Liu

Oceanographic Society of the R.O.C.

Secretary general Ho-Han Hsu

Geodetic Society of the R.O.C.

Secretary general Kuo-En Ching

National Taiwan Normal University Graduate Institute of Science Education ; Department of Earth SciencesProf. Fang-Ying Yang

Execution Committee

Geological Society Located in Taipei Secretariat
Committee Memebers
Geological Society Located in TaipeiMs. Chuan-Min Chao
Chinese Geoscience UnionMs. Yi-Wen Chen
Chinese Geoscience UnionMs. Mei-Fang Wu
Chinese Geoscience UnionMs. Pei-Cin Jheng
Chinese Taipei Geophysical SocietyMs. Chiu-Hui Wu
Chinese Taipei Geophysical SocietyMs. Mei-Tzu Wu
Geological Society Located in TaipeiMr. Pin-Chang Chou
Meteorological Society of the R.O.C.Ms.  Kuan Ting Chen
Oceanographic Society of the R.O.C.Ms. Po-Ching Lee
Geodetic Society of the R.O.C.Ms. Chien-Ju Chen

Cooperation (Aerial Photography)

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