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1. Abstract Submission Guidelines

  • Participants are only allowed to submit their abstract after finishing the online registration and the payment of registration fee.
  • English abstract should not exceed 1700 characters including punctuation and spaces (Please leave 4 spaces before starting a new paragraph).
  • Please provide 3–5 keywords for your abstract.
  • Participants are allowed to select languages (Chinese/English) separately for their abstract and on-site presentation.
  • If there is more than one author, please make sure to add them to our system in the correct order. Click "Add Author" to fill the authors' name and the official name of their affiliations.
  • Participants should decide to present the abstracts by "Oral Presentation" or "Poster Presentation".
  • If you wish to join the student poster competitions, please select the corresponding option. The details of each competition (Chinese only) could be found below.
  • Participants are not allowed to revise their abstracts after submission.



2. Poster Presentation/Competition Guidelines

  • Specifications: the recommended poster size is 85 cm (W) by 150 cm (H).
  • Guidelines of Competitions:

ConferenceGuidelines (Chinese only)
2022 Atmospheric Science Graduate Conference


長篇摘要範本 (檔名請存為:2022TGA_長篇摘要_AS-U1234_姓名)

2022 Annual congress of Geological Society Located in Taipei & Chinese Taipei Geophysical Society


Only Space Science & Engineering (SS-E) is open for poster competition. The participants of this poster competition will be asked to give oral presentations.

2022 Ocean Science Conference with MOST Ocean Science Project Presentation2022海洋年會專題演講及海報相關規定
2022 Annual congress of Geological Society Located in Taipei & Chinese Taipei Geophysical Society111年學生論文比賽辦法
2022 Annual congress of Geodetic Society of the Republic of ChinaOnly the union sessions with "Geological Society Located in Taipei & Chinese Taipei Geophysical Society" will be open for poster competitions.



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