The 2022 TGA Banquet on June 8 is cancelled due to the COVID 19.

Uploaded on 2022.05.17

The way to apply for the refund:

  1. During the on-site meeting (6/7-6/9)

For people who already registered the banquet, please print out your E-invoice and bring it to the Banquet Refund Counter to apply your refund.


  1. After the conference days (after 6/9)

If you couldn’t attend the on-site meeting in person, please remember to apply before June 25, 2022.

Your full refund will be charged NT $30 because of the exchange rate.

  •  How to apply: Please send your E-invoice and personal bank book copy (should include name of bank, account number and account name) by post to 106923 臺大郵局第59號信箱 2022 TGA大會秘書處 (106923 P.O. Box 59 National Taiwan University  2022 TGA Secretary office).

If application isn’t made before June 25, 2022, no refund can be expected.


NOTE. The refund policy is only for banquet, not for registration fee.